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Our Team


Name Position Phone
Jack Wuest Executive Director (773)728-4030
Martrice Manuel Associate Director (773)728-4030 x207
Cory Dukes Executive Assistant/Office Manager (773)728-4030 x131

Fiscal Department

Name Position Phone
Maria Gluzerman Fiscal Subcontractor (773)728-4030 x163
Oscar De Luna Staff Accountant (773)728-4030 x143
Dorene Plummer YS3 Grant Compliance Manager (773)728-4030 x142
Veronica Suarez Senior Accountant (773)728-4030 x188

IT Department

Name Position Phone
John Comeau Director of Technology (773)728-4030 x166
Sussette Hernandez Webmaster (773)728-4030 x181

Added Chance

Name Position Phone
Chris Luecke Added Chance Program Director (773)342-4243 x101
David Guttman Added Chance Manager (773)342-4243 x104
Bertha Luecke Added Chance Jobs Coordinator (773)342-4243 x105

ASN Preparatory Institute

Name Position Phone
Doris Franklin ASN Prep Director (773)442-6192
Joshua Cohen Instructor (773)442-6192
Pamela Alexander Instructor (773)442-6192
Nina Hardy YS3 Mentor (773)442-6192
Tamara Jamison YS3 Mentor (773)442-6192
Charlotte Smith YES Career Coach (773)442-6192
Earlene Jefferson Program Compliance Manager (773)442-6192

Compass Counseling

Name Position Phone
Sarah Bowie Title XX/Compass Counseling Program Director (773)728-4030 x132

Online Education/Fostering Learning Program (FLP)

Name Position Phone
Robert Manshack Fostering Learning Program Director (773)728-4030 x225
Sussette Hernandez Online Education Coordinator (773)728-4030 x181

PraXis / 21st Century / After School Matters

Name Position Phone
Michael Hannan Program Development Coordinator (773)728-4030 x134

Re-Enrolled Student Project (RSP)

Name Position Phone
San Spears RSP Program Director (773)728-4030 x133
Matt Yanny-Tillar RSP Data Manager (773)728-4030 x299

Streets to Pathways Career Initiative (SPCI)

Name Position Phone
Matt Yanny-Tillar SPCI Program Director (773)728-4030 x299

Youth Scholars, Skills, Services (YS3)

Name Position Phone
Martrice Manuel YS3 Senior Program Director (773)728-4030 x207
Keith Thomas YS3 Program Director/ASN Athletic Director (773)728-4030 x151
Vakarie Christian YS3 Data Manager (773)728-4030 x136
Edwin Wang YS3 Quality Assurance Manager (773)728-4030 x152
Keith Harris YS3 Program Coordinator (773)728-4030 x139
Sabrina Hughey YS3 Program Coordinator (773)728-4030 x154
Alexia LeDay YS3 Program Coordinator (773)728-4030 x165
Genessa Schultz Resource Development Manager (773)728-4030 x210

Youth Experiencing Success (YES)

Name Position Phone
Carolyn Davenport YES Program Director (773)728-4030 x160
Harriette Coleman YES Project Services Specialist (773)728-4030 x161
Liza Huizar YES Project Services Specialist (773)728-4030 x158
Precious Wright YES Career Pathways Specialist (773)728-4030 x162
Grace Tran YES Program Assistant (773)728-4030 x127